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Hi, thank you so much for popping by.  I hope you find everything you are after, but if not let me know and I will see what I can do.

Don’t be shy to ask any questions, I have been working with horses for 40+yrs.  In that time being a qualified Instructor, Equine Behaviourist, Master Saddle Fitting Consultant and more so feel free to pick my brains 🙂

– Sam Jamieson

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I had a Sam Jamieson Working Hunter Saddle made for my wide Dales Pony mare. Sam was fab and when it was delivered to me by Sam it fitted perfectly.

N / Clarey

I can’t believe what a different from having one of these girth did to my horses! From the first time using them, the horses movement and freedom increased massively! The quality of the leather is amazing too, definitely worth their money !!

J / Mitchell

5 star service from a lovely lady, more than happy to explain everything to me, even answered my daft questions. Sam also took moulds of all of my horses back rather than just over the withers. Can not recommend Sam enough. Saddle is fantastic.

L / Snowling

The Sam Jamieson Deluxe Dressage saddle was so comfortable to sit in, seams didn’t chafe, flaps moulded to my leg and the horses body so closely as to give a lovely soft feel to the aids. The seat giving support and enough room to use ones seat to ride. I’ve had my saddle a few months now and wouldn’t want to ride in any other.

M / Janes

Thank you Sam this girth has been a game changer, who can believe 6th at Royal International, as she is now happy and comfortable the girth no longer rubs and slips forward like all the others, allows her to move and breath and is reflected in a happy horse.

G / Sharp

Incredibly hard to fit mare, off the shelf saddles just dont fit or she doesn’t like them. Sam came and made the perfect saddle for her. She loves it, is soft and forward going, her movement is more expressive and able to move her big shoulders and not feel restricted. It is soft and comfy for the riders which is important for ride judges. Beautifully made, and soft leather and hard wearing suede it looks as good as new after two years. Would certainly only ever recommend Sam.

S / Eldred

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